Mediation Services

Stephen C. Emery
Attorney at Law
Kentucky Court of Justice Family Mediator
(502) 565-4440

What is mediation? According to KRS 446.010 (49) "Mediation" refers to a nonadversarial process in which a neutral third party encourages and helps disputing parties reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Recommendations by mediators are not binding on the parties unless the parties enter into a settlement agreement incorporating the recommendations[.]

Stephen Emery is a Court of Justice approved Family Mediator. He practices primarily in Oldham, Henry and Trimble Counties in Kentucky, but is available to mediate in all Kentucky counties.

Steve has been practicing family law for more than ten years. This experience base is valuable to you and your clients when entering into a mediation session. However, when Steve is working with you and your clients as a mediator, his role is that of a mediator only - as it should be.

Howell & Emery provides services on a fee basis. The mediation fee may include: preparation time, travel time, session time, time to draft written agreements of the parties. There will be no cancellation or postponement fee, provided that at least 24 hours prior notice is given. If the 24 prior notice is not provided, then there will be a cancellation or postponement fee equal to two hours of mediation time charged to the individuals who were scheduled to mediate.

Mediation is conducted in private. All communications shall be confidential. The only exception is that the mediator shall have a duty to report abuse according to KRS 209.030 (adult abuse, neglect or exploited), KRS 209A.030 (adult abuse or neglect inflicted or caused by a spouse), and KRS 620.030 (child dependency, neglect or abuse).

The facility at Howell & Emery, PLLC is comfortable and conducive to achieving resolution. Howell & Emery, PLLC is conveniently located in LaGrange, Kentucky, across the street (to the East) from the Courthouse. The street address is 105 North First Street. First Street is Highway 53 and the office is a short distance from I-71 (take Exit 22).

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